Friday, April 1, 2011

WIN a FREE Family Session on April 17th!!!!

Oh no, this is not an April's Fools day joke, you can REALLY win a FREE family session on April 17th at my favorite park in St. Louis!!! Here are the details on how to win! How to ENTER: 1. Go to Facebook and look up "Synergy Photography" 2. LIKE "Synergy Photography" (If you have already LIKED Synergy Photography, you are still eligible, just skip to #3!!) 3. Make a comment about what you love about Synergy Photography...or just give a shout out to us!! Then you are AUTOMATICALLY entered for the free family session!!! You have 7 days to enter and then the winner will be drawn out of a hat on April 8th from all those who completed the contest. Only ONE family will win!!! Family Session includes a FREE session only on April 17th from 5-6pm...a CD and copyright release of all the edited pictures. Also, if you are signed up for the April 17th or May 1st family session already, YOU CAN ENTER!!! You could have a free session on your already signed up time!!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New BLOG!!!

Please see our new blog:

And our new website:

We look forward to seeing you there!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Tony and I are official combining our businesses into ONE! We are happy to announce

Synergy Photography

(Cara, owner of Sweetshot Designs, is designing us our logo as we speak, so the red text should do for now.)

So what does this mean for you...lots,

* We are bettering both of our companies by combinding them into one!!!

* We are going to update our new website with tons of new and improved photos:

* We are having one blog instead of two:

* We will have a NEW and improved way to order your pictures online

So, goodbye Kristen M Photography and Anthony Steven Images, AND HELLO SYNERGY PHOTOGRAPHY! Please join us in celebrating our new bigger and better photography business!

Donald and Nicole's Birth Story

Donald and Nicole, along with big sisters Lillian and Lydia, have welcomed sweet baby boy Landon into this beautiful world. Nicole went in for her c-section and came out with a perfect little boy! Here are photos from their birth and the day after session in Kirkwood, MO.

This is the cover to his slideshow:

Getting dressed for the O.R. (I had a great, yellow outfit, too.)

The doctors performing the surgery...Landon is almost here!

Donald's first touch.

Nicole's first kiss.

Favorite perspective picture of the day.

Day After Session...
Lillian was so excited about her little brother.

Feet! I truly think infants have the sweetest feet!

All three kids feets.

Congrats Donald, Nicole, Lillian, and Lydia. And welcome Landon!

Bye, Bye Bailey

Bailey was my dog that I had at my parent's house since I was 16 years favorite dog. But she had to be given away this past week because she was destroying the house...she looks so innocent! WINK! She gets scared of storms and when no one was home would try to CLAW her way out of the house! (They tried cages...she would bite her way out! They tried meds...codine but that did not work!!!) So, she was given to a sweet retired, peppy lady who had another dog! They are best buds now and Bailey is doing well. So, on a personal note, here is a small tribute to my sweet Bailey Dog!!!

Relaxing before we left for the 40 minute trip to her new home.

I love the warmth brought into this picture from the sun.
Jadyn pointing to the dogs next door.
I know she is my child, but man she is cute!

Goodbye, Bailey! You are in a good home!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Aaron + Johanna = Love

Aaron and Johanna are married!!! This was my THIRD wedding of that week. I normally only take one weddings a week, but because two of the couples were good friends, I couldn't say no. And I am soooo glad that I did not miss this wedding! Aaron and Johanna got married outdoors next to a gorgeous lakeside. It was a beautiful day, filled with beautiful memories!

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Hsu:

It never seems to boggle my mind that on a wedding day the girls take 5 hours to get ready and the boys take 10 minutes...then are off to playing video games! Does this seem unfair to anyone else? LOl!

I asked the guys to jump on the dock, and Aaron's brother said, "Like this?" And I snapped and got the shot...I told him that it was going on my blog! WINK! I just love it!

The ceremony:

There is something just so romantic to me when I see a bride and groom walking, holding hands! Am I just a romantic??
Fav. of the day!

The reception toast maid of honor maid Aaron blush REALLY bad...notice him in the background! I don't think he looked anyone in the eyes while she read a poem that he wrote when he was youngs. My amazing assistant and husband, Tony, captured this moment!

Johanna's traditional Chinese outfit was worn as her "going away" outfit.
Check out many more images on my Facebook page!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Amanda and Drew: 5 years of Wedded Bliss!

Amanda was looking at Katie and Marc's and Holly and Wesley's engagement photos and found out I was the photographer for both she contacted me. She said, I am married, but I want you to do my pictures so "can we do an anniversary session?" "Of course!," I answered. And even though we could not fit her in before her anniversary, we were close. Here are some of my favs from their 5 year anniversary session.

P.S. I love this idea! I think that I want my 5 year to be here just so Tony and I can also do this!

I love her laughing here...they were sooo cute together!

With a sky like this, I could not resist taking a few with the beautiful background!